Volumetric Explosion & Damage Effects

ManSh00ter brings us his Volumetric Explosion & Damage Effects Mod.

This mod adds voluminous explosions (true 3D) and damage (crit...


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ManSh00ter brings us his Volumetric Explosion & Damage Effects Mod.

This mod adds voluminous explosions (true 3D) and damage (critical hits and persistent damage) effects to the game, utilizing a fragmentation system designed to enhance the dynamic quality of Sins battles.

I have been following this on the stardock forums since it was announced and I have to say this mod is a vast improvement over the vanilla/stock explosion effects. Much like the Points Defense System mod for Homeworld 2 this enhances the weapons, explosion and damage in game giving it a more visual and better graphic appearance. In vanilla versions of Sins it can be at the best of times difficult to actually spot weapons fire, damage effects and explosions from a strategic position as the effects can be small (thus you need to zoom in to the ship to see the effects properly). With this mod you can spot these effects easily so you know that you are in a large space battle. The effects also have a tactical and strategic value too, you can spot where the main fight is taking place in a battlefield and clearly see what ships are being hit badly during combat, giving you the chance to switch tactics.

This mod comes in three parts

The Stand-Alone Version, which is requires a patched 1.1 version of Sins The Merge-Ready Version, which is to be used as an addition to another mod you wish to merge it with. The Already-Merged Version, which is pre-merged with Annatar11's updated Bailknights Effects mod

This is a fantastic mod that is impressive in concept, implementation and delivery. The anticipation for future releases should be high as if this mod continues to improve then it will be one of the best for Sins. Download and definitely add this to your game!

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Download 'volumetriceffects_ver1.0.zip' (8.85MB)

Volumetric Damage & Explosion Effects mini-mod
ver 1.0


This archive should contain three separate installments of the mod.

-the stand-alone version, to be used with the Sins of a Solar Empire ver. 1.1 - 1.12
-the merge-ready version, to be used as an addition to existing mods
-an already-merged version combining the Volumetric mod with the Bailknight's Effects mod updated by Annatar11


a) In the case of the stand-alone version, simply place the "Volumetric1.0" folder in your SoaSE "Mods" folder, just like any other SoaSE mod.

b) In the case of the merge-ready version, overwrite the existing files of your mod with the ones in the "Volumetric1.0 Merge-Ready" folder. Make sure you have made a backup of your mod first, just in case!

c) In the case of the already-merged version, same as a) only with the "Volumetric1.0+BailknightEffects" folder

The merge-ready version has its particle effects in txt format for convenience of usage and tweaking.

2. USE

You are free to use this mod, combine it, adjust it and whatever else strikes your fancy, just as long as you credit me properly for the Damage&Explosion effects contained within.

-ManSh00ter (mansh00ter@yahoo.com)

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