Slender - The Gaze Of Horror (2021 Ultimate Hardcore Patch)

The ultimate, terrifying, hardcore 2021 version of "Slender - The Gaze Of Horror" (Windows x64), released by Luca Bersiga a.k.a. lukeberfiga...


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The ultimate, terrifying, hardcore 2021 version of "Slender - The Gaze Of Horror" (Windows x64), released by Luca Bersiga a.k.a. lukeberfiga.


Set in a derelict, disturbing asylum, you must collect 8 pages in order to unlock the main gate and exit the nightmare. Pages are randomly scattered around 8 main spawn locations :

  • Main Hall
  • Bathrooms
  • Courtyard
  • Isolation Cells
  • Death Maze
  • Hooks Room
  • Dead Ends
  • Torture Room

The whole environment was designed to look like a huge, claustrophobic maze to the players, but pages are brightly lit to make them easier to find.


The game can be played in 3 different game modes :

  • Night Mode
  • Day Mode
  • Surreal Mode

Each mode can then be customized using up to 5 different visual effects :

  • Default FX
  • Inverted FX
  • Black & White FX
  • Acid FX
  • Drunk FX

Modes and FXs combinations so allow you to play the game in 15 different ways.


The player can play against 4 different stalkers, who will become faster and more aggressive for each paper the player collects :

  • Slenderman
  • Luke Berfiga
  • Abomination
  • Custom Stalker


  • It is believed that this is the only Slender game where the Slenderman actually has a face.
  • The "Surreal Mode" was originally called "Super Mode" in the 2014 edition of the game.
  • All visual effects such as Inverted FX and Acid FX were introduced with the 2021 patch... the 2014 version only had default FXs.
  • The stalker "Luke Berfiga" is actually the creator of the game (a giant, horrifying face of him when he was a kid).
  • Since the 2021 patch, stalkers will become scarier and uglier for each paper the player collects.
  • The stalker "Abomination", added with the 2021 patch, is a mutant combination of Slenderman and Luke Berfiga.
  • The game features a secret easter egg which can be unlocked by going through the door of a room after gathering up the final page... by crossing that door and instead of leaving the asylum from the main gate, the player will enter a disco where all stalkers dance and a picture of the creator is portrayed on the wall. The player can then exit the game by crossing a back door (in the 2014 edition) or using the pause menu (in the 2021 patch).
  • The whole soundtrack of the game was remastered and expanded in the 2021 patch... the easter egg, bad and good ending themes were totally changed instead.
  • The "Custom Stalker" was introduced with the 2021 patch and actually is a fully customisable stalker (its default texture and audio files can be overwritten at player's will). During the 2021 patch release, lukeberfiga announced the new custom stalker feature using Flapjack from "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack".

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Released: 4th January 2022 6:51pm

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