Soldat is a unique side-view multiplayer action game. It takes the best from games like Liero, Worms, Quake and Counter-Strike and gives you fast action gameplay with tons of blood and flesh. Soldiers...

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Name Rating Filesize Downloads
Soldat mod Eradication Wars 7 14.8MB 484
Soldat v1.5 Free Full Game 14MB 1,088
Predators Mod 2.13MB 719
Hentai Mod v1.0 1.57MB 857
Soldat Portal v1.0 Full Version (inc. Source Code) 125KB 294
Soldat the Fullsuit 14.94MB 236
Europe in the Battle - Russian Assault 9.19MB 173
Europe in the Battle III 9.57MB 198
ModConfig B 2.99MB 307
Pack De Mapas Arena 45KB 141
Atari Mod 3.69MB 244
MMX Bots 1KB 83
Basic Bots 2KB 109
Crash Mod 4.15MB 217
Neverending Nightmare Mod v1.1 1.55MB 129
Death Illustrated Mod v1.1 7.61MB 355
Doom Mod Apocalypse v1.6 27.79MB 568
Soldat v1.4.2 Full Free Game 13.46MB 1,682
Eradication Wars v6.0 12.1MB 12,427
Soldat v1.4.1 Full Free Game 13.5MB 801
The Soldiers KOD (Kill or Die) 11.28MB 580
Soldat: Future Weapons Mod v0.95 5.01MB 1,778
Soldat Enhanced 6.84MB 1,364
Soldat Zombie Weapon Mod Pack 3KB 3,108
Hardwar: Tactics 2007 Installer 11.75MB 1,161
Advanced Tactical Warfare v2.5 14.05MB 698
Eradication Wars v5.1 12.39MB 2,940
Eradication Wars 5.0 11.49MB 171
Advanced Tactical Warfare v2.4 10.4MB 326
fearmodv13.rar 5.97MB 2,432
Soldat WW II Mod 11KB 1,380
Stardat 0.9 Final Beta 33.37MB 450
Soldat v1.3.1 11.36MB 8 11.36MB 28,819
Halo 3.5 Soldat Mod Installer 5.56MB 8,335 1.84MB 2,813
Cel-shaded soldat mod v2.0 171KB 1,218
Day_at_bloodgulch.wmv 6.07MB 76 14KB 278 22KB 640
Soldat Mod Changer 830KB 1,357
100 Soldat Bots 36KB 994
Soldat Bot Maker 312KB 8,235
Soldat Interface Maker 1.0 925KB 1,263
Soldat Map Maker 1.2 1.16MB 5,630
Soldat v 1.3 10.75MB 1,000
Tom Clancy Mod v1.0 1.81MB 1,109
Goldeneye 64 Mod v1.1 147KB 461
Flamer_mod_full+update 2.48MB 219
Flamer_mod 13.21MB 237