Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

An insidious threat has risen in the form of a bio-terrorist organization and its two-pronged Gemini Virus. As mercenary John Mullins, it's up to you to stop the terrorists and destroy the virus befor...

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Gore Improvement Legoman2002 1.34MB 25
Modifying a BSP File (Binary Space Partitioning) Chrissstrahl 139KB 52
Lightning Pistols xlex-kin 2.09MB 99
smtb joffka 5.17MB 185
Bloody :']['@: pack tbuckak10 189KB 36
RoCmod V8 2.0c - Experimental Scope Douglas Giovany 349KB 167
mp_kam11v2 JohnnyGrenade 1.96MB 342
Stonehenge EEnomercy 1.07MB 123
Crumbled Bridge - PREFAB BuLLy 54KB 29
Kammy Underground BuLLy 676KB 392
The Prison <(_-DaviD-_)> 1.63MB 378
Improved SOF2 Default Hands DigaO_BiG 380KB 89
Kin Energy Weapon Video Demo xlex-kin 20.34MB 163
Kin Gun Skins Package xlex-kin 3.58MB 295
Kin Flash Muzzles xlex-kin 312KB 175
Hongkong industrial JohnnyGrenade 1.92MB 403
PanicYards.pk3 -=*FF*=-WOLF 3.12MB 782
SL_EnergyComplex (V2) MrPresidentsSon 1.98MB 247
ARMANI(KJ) kennithjaspers 519KB 78
SL_Energy Complex Chase 3.54MB 135
Counterstrike Italy Modified Douglas Giovany 1.91MB 468
mp crazyxmas UK sLaVo 10.41MB 504
Overrunning Brazil Douglas Giovany 2.24MB 238
ColKam2 -=*FF*=-WOLF 2.74MB 810
PP update SoldierSlater 103.81MB 220
Kamchatka Reactor Plant JohnnyGrenade 1.6MB 336
SmurFF'd uP Zinaga_U2K 6.51MB 134
Finger Pistols Zinaga_U2K 75KB 74
fc_funzone EEnomercy 17.27MB 367
Cage Thegoat 1.19MB 262
Black and White RPG-7 w/ Urban Camo Warhead Angrybob 59KB 354
Elevator Action Carlos Sole 883KB 255
Halle16 Underground joffka 1.64MB 515
The Bank Job Craig 2.77MB 232
psycho =caf=badcompany 258KB 99
rnt_raven Striker_Z 632KB 136
transparent skull flags. egjouco 66KB 105
UK Morocco UK sLaVo 17.07MB 616
ammokid's new bullet holes ammokid 120KB 213
wire-frame-cb -{PTA}-B.Freeman 1.11MB 250
Halle16 Underground BETA II joffka 1.21MB 158
sof2 wall paper =caf=badcompany 145KB 111
BlackOps + Hands DigaO_BiG 976KB 305
sf socom =caf=badcompany 328KB 244
cafLoading =caf=badcompany 32KB 79
Blackfords Airport ST. Wombat 6.26MB 462
scarface _menu =caf=badcompany 1.52MB 121
sam_fisher_menu =caf=badcompany 1.94MB 69
jokermenu =caf=badcompany 3.52MB 72
Alternative efx xlex-kin 3.22MB 603
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