Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Scripts and Binds DevScript

Make your game smoother


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Map Packs SOF2 maps and Botroutes 3

Custom maps and DM botroutes for the maps.I DID NOT DO THE MAPS, JUST THE BOTROUTES, I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR ANY MAPSVirtually all of the map w...


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Map Packs SOF2MapsandROUTES2.rar



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Botroutes Rocmod .WPS Botroutes with MAP link4

Botroutes for SOF2 ROCMOD


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Botroutes ROCMOD .WPS Botroutes with MAP link3.rar

WPS Botroutes for SOF2 Rocmod 2.1c


Maps Antman

Multiplayer map for Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix.SOF2 meets Q3


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Botroutes ROCMOD .WPS BotRoutes with MAPLINK2

SOF2 .wps Botroutes for ROCMOD


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Botroutes ROCMOD .WPS Botroutes with MAP link.rar

.WPS Botroutes for Rocmod servers


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Botroutes ROCMOD .wps Botroutes with MAP Link

SOF2 Botroutes for Rocmod with a Link to the Maps


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Botroutes WPS Botroutes

Assorted .wps botroutes for SOF2


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Mods Gore Improvement

This is a Gore Improvement mod which was started way back in 2004, but the mod author found the file and has completed it a whopping 14 year


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Skins //Baka|. Flag

//Baka|. clan's flag. Made by: //Baka|. T!NEFree to use (clan's name is written on it ;p) for any purpose.


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Maps DN1

sof2 in dukes world download and have fun :)


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Skins Nightmare Respawn

Nightmare Respawn mod by JoeyCarboSkins all maps, cars, weapons and many more things. Place in /base/mp


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Media ak74soundmod

My first sound modification ever, i think its pretty good! try it out if you get sick of the default sound.


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Maps Pay Day

This is a medium size map of a bank the vault and the back alley way. It is only set up for Death Match with lots of guns and different hidi...


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Maps mp_fueldump_bc

remake of the Enemy Territory's Fueldump with a few personal touches, secrets and touches of DiOGO who'm I also want to thank for all the he...


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Skins Bundeswehr

standard version, which contains JPEG textures.


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Skins Bundeswehr ( PNG )

Bundeswehr skin pack. The difference can't be really noticed, but it's being released for all the qualiry freaks out there! :D***NOTES***1)...


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Maps Snow Mod 2011

1.03Year : 2011---The programs used on the development of the SNOW MOD are:Milkshape 3DGTK Radiant 1.4Notepad---Installation ClientsidePlace...


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Mods mtk420's ammo/fire rate mod

or fire rates of all weaponssocom: ammo is maxed and fire rate is extremely fastsniper:has full auto, fire rate increased to 2000 times regu...


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Maps Equalizer

Here is a map created by ST. Wombat. There are two versions of this map with minor changes. Check them out and let us know what you think.


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Utilities Counterstrike Source: Map Source

and light entities which have to be adjusted properly to your wish.So you will have to add textures, models, sounds, spawns, gametypes of yo...


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Maps mp_barn_dm

Deathmatch - BarnSome friend of the Pure Hate clan asked me to create the deathmatch gametype for BARN so here it is under an .ent file.


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Utilities SoF2 - Font Creator

on SoF2Files yet so that's why I submitted it.


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Mods JA-Mod 1.20 Source Code

a server side anti-cheating tool in order to detect people who used commands associated with cheats, as version 1.0 lacks any anti-cheating...


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Skins Modern Warfare ACU Marines

removed them, added a black guy, and the gloves now have legit looking textures that match the uniform.Its pretty badass.


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Maps Pay Day

this is a medium size map of a bank the vault and the back alley way. It is only set up for Death Match with lots of guns and different hidi...


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Skins Modern Warfare ACU Marines

looks great.


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Maps mp_northport

concidered making this awesome map for SOF2.This map has also cost me a lot of time because of a lot of issues with the FPS.I would also lik...


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Maps mp_northport_hqteq

wan't to get the best out of the map.


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Utilities mp_northport_source

ask me for permission to edit this.


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Maps Rammel maps & sources

Hardbass (A big Hardstyle event in Holland from B2s usually held in Gelredome Arnhem)- Invasion2(Infiltration map where the blue...


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Maps mp_abacus

the reds some only by blue.Have fun playingPS: We play every Wednesday from 21 clock at PSYCHO PUMPERS


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Maps rpm_jor

A map for sof2. In this map you are a poor soldier who must find it's way though a desolated village, adjacent to a jungle with a river.


Maps [Lu] Container

Screenshot of the Map yet.. but the Size of the Map is very small, so you can download it fast and if you dont like it, it is no problem to...


Maps Christmas Mappack Bot Routes

into the botroutes directory on your server...they will work for DM and TDM gametypes.Merry ChristmasSpaRRowThese are the bot routes for thi...


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Maps WinterMaps 122010

Winter-maps for the game Soldier of Fortune II


Gaming Server Christmas Mappack

includes.BBC_vs_GwfcBBC_Xmaitalymp_crazyxmasNSDQ_Kamxmastri_landsUK_xmasvvxmaswinter_praguexmas_highwirexmas_alleyXmaslor_finalAll credit is...


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Maps mp_office_hqtex

because I wan't to get the best out of the map.


Utilities mp_office_source

ask me for permission to edit this.


Maps rk_highrise

Lots of gametypes can be played: DM TDM CTF CCTF INF DEM and ELIM.In ELIM mode red team and blue team are separated on two closed rooftops t...


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Mods Goldrush 3.0

Goldrush is a multiplayer mod for Soldier of Fortune 2!To play Goldrush 2.2 you NEED to have the SOFII 1.03 patch (Gold) installed!www.psych...


Maps RCF_V18

me)PS : This map is close from a map called "Fragger Apartments".


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Maps 'OMA' Mappack

some playing maps for sof2


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Maps 9.LAN-Maps

some playing maps for SoF2


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Mods Full-PP Update v2.0

>>> is a complete package the much unites > pw for archiv:


Skins U.S. Army

deployed in Afghanistan this year is very cool. I also tried to be more realistic when it comes to bolt ons.This skin pack will replace Prom...


Mods CGSmod

movie added to the "About" menu background.-"Help" menu added to the options-Set / change your crosshair functions, such as the colours, gro...


Maps Chubby House

this is a quick map i did that has four levels Chubby House You will die if fall so keep your wits about you and have fun


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Maps [PP] Belkam

Three popular maps have been combined here.This map is a combination of Hong Kong Hotel, Belfast and Kammy.It is very large, so it only make...


Maps Cell_13

This prison based map is designed to give the player fast action gameplay with a large range of weapons for your killing needs.supported Gam...


Maps DM_Bomber-Hangar

Just a quick made map.You playing in a Hangar around & into a Aircraft.Thats allThis map supports dm tdm elim gametypes.Cheers


Maps City.of.Terror_mp

load the map for bug hunting...OMG, what happend here.Shaders and textures are missing, some invisible brushes are blocking the streets and...


Skins blkm1911a1 pistol

all the sound mods)


Skins blkshotty

Back Goat I hope this is one of many new files we see from you :)


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Maps TOYz_mp

furnituresThis kind of map has a specific name but i dont know it yet...something like Padman or so...This map supports dm tdm elim inf and...


Maps Flaposeum

A map in which in the main room is a coloseum. Due to the amount of teleports and the amount of symmetry in the map, it's hard to find your...


Maps Kowloon

Mission Pack for Soldier of Fortune 2.A never before seen branch of the Mullins storyFeatures:3 missions New EnemiesNew LevelsNew TexturesNe...


Maps Pandenic City (dm tdm)

Another city map for you guys.Its not an eye catcher, but its nice.This map is dm and tdm gametype supported.Its makes no sense to support c...


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