1 vs 1 Ladder Torunament is up !

By Sir Paul 18 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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[quote]This ladder tourney is open to EVERYONE, not just clan members. Even if you don't play our regular servers, get your friends to sign up for this event. It is unique, and only avaliable through our site ! 1) CLICK http://www.noblecomputing.com/modules.php?name=NukeWrap&page=http://www.myleague.com/24hourt3speed/ 2) In the windows on the right .. Choose "FREE SIGNUP" 3) Create a ladder name. VERY IMPORTANT ! Do NOT use any special characters in your name. Example : Use NOBLEMAN not -NMC-NobleMan .. why ? >> Its a pain in the ass to find peoples names if they have special characters in thier name. So if someone loses to you .. and they can not find your name, they will not post their loss. 4) The 1 vs 1 server is located at ... the password is "nci" without the quotes. 5) You will need the 1vs1 Map Pack located here >> http://www.noblecomputing.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=getit&lid=74 Just extract it into your BASE directory, under your sof2 installation folder. 6) Find someone that is signed up on the ladder. Request a challange. (You can post in this section "Setup a Match" for getting someone to play). Setup a time for the match. 7) Meet that person in the server and start to play. Cool RULES OF ENGAGEMENT : Each round is 5 minutes long. The battle is scheduled for 5 matches, in a row. Who ever wins 3 matches first, wins the battle. In other words, one match is the best of 5. Example Player one wins rounds 1 and 2. Player 2 wins round 3. Player wins round 4. The match is over. Player 2 reports the loss to Player 1. 9) The loser will report the loss PROMPTLY here >> http://www.myleague.com/php/page.php?p=report&t=myleague&lng=eng&l=24hourt3speed&g=action&svr=cgi6&pl= 10) That's it ! Find someone else to play ! There is no limit to the amount of people you can play in a given day. You can NOT however play the same person 2 x in the same day.[/quote] Fancy having a go at this? Then use the link above to sign up, It's FREE.

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