20 Questions With Agent Rez - Skinner/2D Artist

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Ever want to work on a game mod? ...wonder what it's like? ...wanna know all about the minds behind the mods? Well, it's that time, again! This is the second in a series of interviews with the guys from the Agent Rez mod. Last time, we had one with their illustrious leader, The Invisible Man. This week, we talk to their lead skinner and 2D artist, IRbe69. Enjoy! [quote]n00B Cannon: First of all, can you introduce yourself and state your position and general responsibilites on the team? IRbe69: I`m IRbe69, the skinner and 2d artist of the mod. n00B Cannon: Have you always been interested in game design? IRbe69: Yes. n00B Cannon: What made you want to go out and design a mod for sof2? IRbe69: I think that the main reason was that there weren't very many so called "alive" mods, and I wanted to get familiar with mods and modding. n00B Cannon: Have you done any modding before committing to this one? IRbe69: No. Just few skinning things for my own fun. n00B Cannon: Can you describe the mod to our readers? IRbe69: There will be a very interesting multiplayer and cool game types. It will be the best mod ever ;) n00B Cannon: Do you have any examples of your work on the mod specifically for our readers? IRbe69: Nope, I think they can find my artwork from the site when they are done. n00B Cannon: Does the mod have a sort of main idea, or is it mostly just a collection of different additions to the game? IRbe69: It has a very incredible game story that we will hopefully make into Single Player, too. n00B Cannon: What's a typical day or week like, in terms of work on the mod? IRbe69: Typical day : coming online and talking to other mod members, asking for hints and what should be better in my work. I get help from other crew members making skins / 2d art, and then I notice the day is gone. I fall asleep and new day has begun... n00B Cannon: Do you have a job, apart from volunteering for the mod? IRbe69: I`m not sure about the others...on my state I must answer no. n00B Cannon: What are some of your favorite games to play? Which type of game interests you the most? IRbe69: FPS - they own... n00B Cannon: Of the games you play, what's the one you play the most; is it sof2, or another game? IRbe69: SOF2, of course. It has so many good ideas and so much extremely good game play that its the best game. n00B Cannon: What's been the best to work on for the mod? IRbe69: None, yet. Some basic stuff done, nothing huge. n00B Cannon: What's been the worst? IRbe69: Nothing. I always try my best, so I can not fail. Ever. n00B Cannon: Of all the jobs in designing the mod, what would you say is the hardest? IRbe69: Leading this crazy team... and no job is more important than any other. Everybody does their best. n00B Cannon: Would you say that modding has been a good or bad experience for you? IRbe69: Very good, I have found some real good skills from myself and pals as well. For me, English isn't my mother tongue, so I found it a bit strange, sometimes.. n00B Cannon: Would you like to mod all day and get paid for it, or do your interests lie more in another field? IRbe69: Of course this is my life's dream, to join a game company and start making my living with games. But at the moment school is more important.and AR too... ;) n00B Cannon: After this mod, what are your immediate plans; do you plan to keep on working to make the mod better, or maybe go on to design another mod for sof2? IRbe69: I think we will try to make this mod as good as posible. n00B Cannon: Do you plan to get together and design your own game, someday, or keep on modding other games to make them the best they can be? IRbe69: I would like to join game company, of course, but if its not posible then I keep modding. n00B Cannon: Is there anything you'd like to tell prospective game designers, as in how to work up to modding, or something of that nature? IRbe69: Keep up the good work and help the community. n00B Cannon: Is there anything else you'd like to tell our readers? IRbe69: Be nice... n00B Cannon: On behalf of the online gaming community, I'd like to thank you for your work in this field and for making the games we play that much better? Thank you, and good luck on your work. IRbe69: Thanks, and good luck to you too...[/quote] Next week we'll have another interview for you. 'Til then, take no prisoners and keep on fraggin'! ~n00B Cannon
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