20 Questions With Agent Rez - Team Leader

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This is the first interview with the team members of the Agent Rez Mod for SOF2. As the team is expanding and some of the members are having difficulty fitting other things, such as this interview, into their schedule we will just be posting those interviews we receive back. When asked about some general information about the mod in an email, The Invisible Man had this to say: [quote]Plans for Alpha: The guns: Colt 1911 Milspec, Sig 357 Custom, Colt Commando, AK47, Brown Precision Rifle, Remington 870, G36 Assault, USP .45. Progress: The colt, usp, the brown and the colt are all modelled, mostly skinned and are being animated right at the moment. A new gametype in the making, it has no name, but two teams fight on a center-oriented map. In the center is a bomb, which both teams need to get and blow up a target with. The only catch is that the place they need to blow up is in the other teams base and people will probably respawn. About Single Player: Nothing has been planned for SP so far. About the Team: We still need dedicated mappers.[/quote] Apart from that, I conducted an interview with each available member, using approximately the same questions. I will be posting them down the line at a rate of about one per week. Without further ado, here's the first interview! Enjoy! [quote] n00B Cannon: First of all, can you introduce yourselves and state your position and general responsibilites on the team? The Invisible Man: I am The Invisible Man(bleh), I map, make models and create sounds for AR. I also have taken over as "lead" for the mod, after Meridian Blade's and Omniscient Shadow's departure. I pretty much make sure everything runs fluidly. n00B Cannon: Have you always been interested in game design? The Invisible Man: Yes, I have been for quite some time, mainly to entertain people while making a profit (I was gonna be a hooker at one point too, same career idea ;) . n00B Cannon: What made you want to go out and design a mod for sof2? The Invisible Man: Meridian Blade forced me at gunpoint to send an email to him, because I knew how to make sounds and music for games.... And because a mod was in need of the uber thinktank(me). n00B Cannon: Have you done any modding before committing to this one? The Invisible Man: Nope, this is my first mod. n00B Cannon: Can you describe the mod to our readers? The Invisible Man: Agent Rez is a spy-like mod for SoF2 which puts players in the role of Agent Rez (does he have a first name?). It has both MP and SP player elements, but MP is planned for release first so people can provide imput. n00B Cannon: Do you have any examples of your work on the mod specifically for our readers? The Invisible Man: None that I can say publicly, some things have to remain a suprise.. well, there is the organization of the mod, but thats all I can say... n00B Cannon: What's a typical day or week like, in terms of work on the mod? The Invisible Man: A typical day? It mainly consists of nagging people to do stuff, and then bossing them around to do more things, we might rename the mod to Agent Rez: The Nike Sweatshop. n00B Cannon: Do any of you have jobs, apart from volunteering for the mod? The Invisible Man: No, Im broke... n00B Cannon: What are some of your favorite games to play? Which type of game interests you the most? The Invisible Man: I play alot of Counter-Strike, SoF2(duh), and mostly RPG's after that. n00B Cannon: Of the games you play, what's the one you play the most; is it sof2, or another game? The Invisible Man: Counter-Strike, I missplaced my sof2 cdkey... And trust me, other cd keys wont work.. n00B Cannon: What's been the best to work on for the mod? The Invisible Man: The guns, gotta love the guns... n00B Cannon: What's been the worst? The Invisible Man: The guns, gotta hate the guns... n00B Cannon: Of all the jobs in designing the mod, what would you say is the hardest? The Invisible Man: Modelling and Skinning from scratch... And animating(<- EVIL), and mapping....Did I miss anything? Most of the jobs require alot of dedication and work, therefore they are all hard. n00B Cannon: Would you say that modding has been a good or bad experience for you? The Invisible Man: Modding doesnt get you chicks, at least not the ones you dont want... But its cool, you meet alot of people. n00B Cannon: Would you like to mod all day and get paid for it, or do your interests lie more in another field? The Invisible Man: No, My interests are tied to mods... sadly, I just want to goto e3. n00B Cannon: After this mod, what are your immediate plans; do you plan to keep on working to make the mod better, or maybe go on to design another mod for sof2? The Invisible Man: Two words, Hell No... Maybe adding onto AR, but thats it, SoF2 is nasty game to mod for. n00B Cannon: Do you plan to get together and design your own game, someday, or keep on modding other games to make them the best they can be? The Invisible Man: Ill eventually make a career out of modding, hopefully. n00B Cannon: Is there anything you'd like to tell prospective game designers, as in how to work up to modding, or something of that nature? The Invisible Man: Not really, one important thing for your mod is to make it unique and unlike all the other mods out there. n00B Cannon: Is there anything else you'd like to tell our readers? The Invisible Man: Keep fragging, own a lot of noobs, and camp to your hearts content, because if you were even remotely good then you could camp properly, and its the other guys skill to find you when you do camp.... n00B Cannon: On behalf of the online gaming community, I'd like to thank you for your work in this field and for making the games we play that much better? Thank you, and good luck on your work.[/quote] As I said, before, expect another interview with the staff of your favorite SOF2 mods, here. Until then, this has been n00B Cannon with the news :) .
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