Best friends Clan Award

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**UNITED** ORGANIZE BEST Friends SOF2 CLAN AWARD 2009 **UNITED** We Playing several Game mode’s as TDM/CTF//ELIM/DEM...each evening we play 2 maps 20 min..BOTH Side's..... SEVERAL Clans...2 evenings a week..EACH Clan.. Both way ONE TYPE on one evening....so EVERY week ... 4 Clans Play...2 evenings....mo/tue/wed/thu. All Playing evenings will be Recorded. ( Al Clans play the SAME 5 maps...( ONLY the 2 Left play 1 map BOTH side's for 2 time's 30 min ) When we have 4 ore 5 Clans..( We hope more )..We play EACH EVENING..Till we have DONE all FIGHTS..After that we will see Who 2 Clans have to most POINTS. ..and Play together. We playing with FULL Ammo Gravity 600 speed 335..with SPAWN Protection...Teamkill ON...Camping mode on 45 sec... Teams will be....5vs5...you can bring FRESH players into the game when there is a BREAK between the Maps. When you and your clan want to join please take a look on our forum ... and sign in http://fireclanwarriorsforhire.nl/forum/index.php hope to see a lott of you to have fun and give a boost to sof2 ....

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