ClanBase announced SoF2 Summercups

By Goody 17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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ClanBase has announced two summercups for SoF2. The 2on2 inf cup and the DM 8-way cup. SoF2 gamers can signup for the cups. For the 2on2 inf cup they must have a clanaccount which can be easily created. For the DM 8-way tourney they only need to register a 1on1 acocunt which is done in several seconds. Especially the 8-way DM cup is something different in SoF2. Battle with 8 other players for the best spots which give a seat into the next round. Battles never last longer then 30minutes, except for the final. Sign up with your friends. If there are more then 150 signups the supervisor will grant a small prize to the winner. http://clanbase.ggl.com/news.php?nid=262473

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