CuttingTheEdge Interviews Raven about SoF 2

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28 questions with 28 answers! Quite some interesting info over at CuttingTheEdge. They had an Interview with Raven Software about SoF 2. [quote][b]2. Any word yet on multiplayer? What types of reasons are being looked at in considering creating a multiplayer for SoF2?[/b] No word yet. The final direction is still undecided and, more to the point, unannounced. [b]4. What things bugged the team from the first Soldier of Fortune that have been changed in SoF2?[/b] Our fans made a number of suggestions of things they liked, didn't like and wanted to see in the sequel. We took those suggestions to heart… The story is more involved and serious this time around. The weapons are all real-world based, taken from the world's arsenals and the Jane's guide to weapons. There are no made-up weapons or Microwave Pulse Guns this time around. Players requested dual weapons (guns Akimbo) and we've added that particular feature. They also wanted more stealth options and better AI for the enemies. We were more than happy to oblige in all of these areas.[/quote] For the other 26 questions (and answers :D), read the full Interview.

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