CyberBattles Gaming League

By Sir Paul 20 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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[quote]The CyberBattles league is a new league which will be opening in January of 2005. There are three ladders to choose from, RD CTF - ND CTF and RD INF and the site is now open for registeration and you may also enter your teams ready for the action! Our aim is to have fun and there is zero tolerance for anyone caught cheating, we will be streaming with PunksBusted. Please feel free to take alook around the site giving your input and suggestions as all is welcome. Visit the site here http://www.cyberbattles.net/index.php and dont forget to spread the word yourself. When on the site please take part in the poll/votes and take a trip to the forum where you can get to know everyone. Dont miss out on the action get your team signed up today!![/quote]

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