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Aprils Featured Developer is Rebel. Rebel only started mapping about a year ago but has developed his mapping skill a lot during that time. He has never been to shy to ask for help along the way and has progressed a great deal due to that and his own ability to work things out. I personally along with a few others have had the pleasure of beta testing most of Rebels maps and for that we thank you. Rebels own site is now hosted by sof2files and can be found in the affiliates. He left his old clan a little while back to join Merricks Vv and has had a lot of support from his new clan. He has stated on many occasions that the support he has had from Vv has made him more eager to make maps of a higher standard. I know he would wish to thank them and others for there help / support so here is a big thank you to all. And from us a thank you to Rebel. Keep up the good work. [url="http://soldieroffortune2.filefront.com/developer/RebelVv;26850"]Rebels Maps[/url] [url="http://rebel.sof2files.com/"]Rebels Homepage[/url] [url="http://www.vaudvillany.com/"]Rebels Clan Site[/url]

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