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Published by Black_ICE 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[quote]Welcome to the all-new FileFront, where you can GEAR UP and PLAY HARDER, FASTER than anywhere else. We hope you enjoy the new look, (the handsome work of Red vs Black) and all of the powerful new features we've added to our already great service. Here's the lowdown, we've got: FastPass: No ads, blazing fast downloads, and more! More bandwidth for everyone No lines, no registration All of the latest demos, faster than everyone else! Improved plastic bandwidth (CDs) for all you modem users out there! And many more features, take a look around! [b]FastPass Membership[/b] - FastPass members are entitled to our premium bandwidth for downloads on our dedicated FastPass servers. You want it now, FastPass members get it now at blazing fast speeds. Test our lightning fast FastPass by [url=]clicking here[/url] to download a sample file. Click now to switch to FastPass premium bandwidth and FastPass dedicated servers. Watch us max out your connection! [b]No Ads Option[/b] - Another advantage to your FastPass membership is the removal of advertisements across FileFront. Become a FastPass member and help the community while helping yourself! [b]Additional Bandwidth For Everyone [/b]- As always we offer you free bandwidth for downloads and now we are able to offer even more. FileFront has increased our bandwidth capacity to offer you more downloading power for your demos, patches, mods, and trailers. [b]Featured CDs[/b] - It's hard to stay current with all the patches and add-ons for your favorite games, so now you can purchase plastic bandwidth (CD's) for your favorite games with all of the add on files, patches, demos and mods that have been released for them. Browse through our featured CDs and save yourself the hassles of downloading every file individually! [b]No Hassles![/b] - We don't bombard you with advertising, or make you wait in lines. Heck we don't even make you register! GEAR UP KIDS! [b]Up-To-Date Gaming News [/b]- The all new FileFront offers its community the latest in gaming news and reviews so you are not left in the dark. Use FileFront to keep tabs on the latest in the gaming world! If it's out, we've got it. [b]Personal CDs [/b]- Our Personal CD system allows you to pick and choose your files and have us burn and deliver your custom CD right to your door. Find files, add files, done! For a small price, you can create a custom CD and we will deliver it right to your door!
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