First Look: Soldier Of Fortune 2 Multiplayer Test on 3D Action Planet

By GODh 22 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Today is the big day for the release of the Multiplayer Test of SOF 2... [url="http://www.3dactionplanet.com/"]3D Action Planet[/url] has just published a very usefull first look which tells you what to expect about the weapons, gamemodes, strategies, etc :) [quote][b]Infiltration:[/b] In my opinion, the terrorists will have a huge advantage on this map over the next day or so until players learn their way around. Although the map is a decent size, it's actually possible to get from the chopper to the briefcase in 10 seconds, and back to the extraction point in less than 40 seconds. It's pretty easy: from the helicopter, go right, drop down to the ledge and then the patio, and then hit the briefing room. From there, go straight ahead to the elevator shaft and take the ladder back up. Once players learn their way around, however, you'll need to be a bit more clever. If the good guys know where you're coming from, you're as good as dead, so you'll need retain some amount of unpredictability and attack from different directions each game. The models are incredibly detailed. For the Shop team, things are a bit more complicated. Since there are so many routes to down to your area, it's going to be nigh impossible to close them all down. With 6-8 players per team, your best bet is to contract around the briefing room and wait for the enemy team to come to you. Invariably, the enemy team is going to grab the briefcase and make a run for it. In some cases, you might not even want to chase them -- if your team can beat the enemy to the helicopter, you might be able to close that area off and hold off the enemy until time runs out. [/quote]You can read the first look [url="http://www.3dactionplanet.com/features/firstlooks/sof2mptest/"]here[/url] (4 pages long)! :beer:

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