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As told in yesterdays [url="http://www.sof2files.com/file.news?1292"]newsfact[/url] there are some probs with our main FTP... For a part the problem is fixed now, but we still miss a few important directories which causes problem for our adminsystem... i managed to post two new files today, but that took me a whopping 6 hours!! :uhm: And, at least for me, our sites and the admin-systen are annooooooooooooying slow, which makes posting stuff a real pain in the ass... :( Part of the problem is that the only person who can solve all of this is Pro-Filer, and he is on holiday (hopefully back soon)! We still have loads of new goodies ready, but we have to wait till the problems with the FTP are fixed (hopefully within a couple of days)! Another thing is that i get some help posting files and news on Sof(2)Files.com from [email="[email protected]"]Chill-a-lot[/email]! welcome m8! He already posted a few files (videoclips) and i am sure he will be great help in the future :) Fact is that he still has problems recieving his soffiles-email, so till then he works a bit on the background... Last thing: I receive a lot of email and in normal conditions i normally reply all of them... but lately i receive more and more emails that i can't reply. The replies allways come back with an error (like "emailadress refused") and stuff! Please check your settings coz things like this are driving me nuts :moon:

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