New files and Credit

By Goody 16 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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I have deleted a few files recently and a few have got past me but have since been deleted. Why ? you ask. The answer is a simple one. People are submitting files that are not all there own work and they are not asking the original developers permission. This is not on and we do not support such thing. What we do support is developers and editors who seek permission and give full credit were it is due. A simple " thanks to all the other devs who are too many to mention " will NOT do. SoF2 might be old now but that is not a excuse to rip other peoples work. They still care about it and so do we. We do however understand that not all devs can be contacted and we do make a few exceptions, But with out proof that you even tried you will get no were. If you do manage to contact a dev about using there work and they say no then there is nothing we can do so don't send the files in as it may result in you being banned. Thanks for listening.

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