New SoF2 interview with kenn Hoekstra on MGON

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[url="http://www.mgon.com/"]MGON[/url] had a new interview with Kenn Hoekstra about the upcoming Soldier of Fortune 2: [quote]MGON: The Ghoul engine is one of the most featured and respected aspects of the Soldier of Fortune series, so what modifications since the first game has the Quake 3 engine allowed you to create with GHOUL 2? Kenn: GHOUL2 was entirely re-written from scratch for Soldier of Fortune 2 to incorporate many of the features of the original GHOUL along with some new enhancements and provide increased flexibility within our toolsets for animators, modelers and programmers. The new GHOUL2 system allows for per-pixel hit detection as opposed to the per-poly hit detection of the original and allows for 36 damage zones as opposed to the 26 in the original game. It also functions as a true skeletal system, allows us to have LOD models and programmer controlled body joints as well as the model bolt-ons and multiple skin support we’ve all come to know and love.[/quote]You can read the rest of the interview [url="http://www.mgon.com/interviews.phtml?id=127519"]here[/url]... :beer:

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