New Soldier of Fortune 2 (p)reviews

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Cleaning up my emailbox, i found two recent emails from Raven :deal: about new (p)reviews, which i accidently missed the first time :fistpunch: * [url="http://www.planetgroovy.com"]Planet Groovy[/url] has done a [url="http://www.planetgroovy.com/article.plm/9959"]review[/url] about the current MP Test: [quote]Raven have become known for managing to bang out games of a reasonably high standard in about 3 and a half minutes, like the recent Jedi Knight II. But this isn't all they do. On April 17, 2001 Activision announced that together with Raven they were "going back on active duty" with the development of Soldier of Fortune 2. After the success of the original this excited a lot of people and sure enough a year later Raven delivered a multiplayer test containing one map and 4 gameplay modes. After hearing some good reports about the test from friends I decided I should take a look at it - I wasn't disappointed.[/quote] * [url="http://www.gamerznet.com/"]Gamerznet[/url] has made a [url="http://www.gamerznet.com/?page=previews&prev=sof"]preview[/url] of the upcoming Soldier of Fortune 2 [quote]Soldier of Fortune was one of the best selling games of 2000. A huge amount of weapons, reasonable graphics and exotic locations made it a reasonable shooter which had to compete with other shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament. This wouldn't been enough to make the game a bestseller. It was the excessive amount of gore and blood which made the game a classic. The "Ghoul system" enabled the player to dismember the enemies from head to toe. Soldier of Fortune was born. However, the game had some bad sides as well. Players complained that the levels got boring after a while, which wasn't good for the overall gameplay and replay value of the game. Something the makers tried to avoid in the sequel: Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix. An Action game doesn't need a good story so don't expect a deep going storyline in SOF2 either. This time no stolen nukes but a virus, created by corrupted scientists. Exciting huh? Once again you'll be playing as John Mullins to take out the terrorists and save the world from all evil.[/quote]You can check the full (p)reviews by clicking the corresponding hyperlinks :naughty:

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