PSOF's Dan Kramer Exit Interview

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Published by Pro-Filer 20 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
PlanetSoldier's RamRod had an interview with Raven Software programmer Dan Kramer, who's leaving Raven Software after 5 years: [quote]Ram: What prompted you to leave? Krem: This is the toughest question to answer. You hear the term "mutual departure" thrown around a lot, and often times people are skeptical of it. Obviously, if somebody's leaving a place they've been a long time, SOMETHING had to have happened. For me, I've seen Raven grow from what some may call a small development house into a major player in the FPS field (and indeed the gaming market in general). Part of that growth required certain managerial and development decisions that at times I didn't entirely agree with. I had a long talk with the guys, and came to the decision that it'd be best for both parties if I took this chance to see what else was out there. It really was a decision reached under the best possible circumstances for that kind of thing, and I don't believe there is any ill will on either side. So, there you have it. Probably not as juicy as some departures, but not everything is a soap opera.[/quote]And it's a damn funny interview as well :) [quote]Ram: What will you do with yourself now that you're an unemployed bum besides drink all my beer?[/quote]:) Go check out the full interview at PlanetSoldier, it's a very good read!
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