PunksBusted.com Takes a Major Step Forward in the Fight Against Cheaters

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Published by Sir Paul 18 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
[quote]PunksBusted.com The internet's largest anticheat and most popular, PunkBusterC support web site, has officially gone live with the new Auto-Master Ban List System (Auto-MBL), for game server administrators. This is a fully automated, secure, realtime spooling of the PunkBuster logs directly from your server to the master database. It stops cheaters in their tracks across a large number of game servers. What Does this mean? 1) Cheaters detected by PunkBuster software from all of our admin member servers, are collected, sorted and updated to the Master Ban List (MBL) automatically. 2) Your server's ban list is automatically updated and kept current with our automated download feature at a time and period of your choosing. A cheater caught today will not be playing within hours on all servers using the MBL, Period! 3) The Auto-MBL FTP updating software is available for both Windows and Linux-based servers. (Or update manually, if the auto-updating feature is not possible with your server operation directly). 4) Screen shot MD5 checksums and timestamp are automatically stored in our repository, so that there will never again be a doubt as to the authenticity of a PB screen shot. It eliminates accusations of fake screen shots. PunksBusted's repository will verify it's integrity without question. Any admin is free to manually retrieve the MBL from the Punksbusted web site. All server admins and leagues are encouraged to use the MBL, whether they are contributing members or not. Here are the links to PunksBusted to read more information about and this major step forward. Please take some time and explore the Web site, to see the assistance we offer admins to keep your servers running smoothly with PunkBuster and as cheat free as possible. Main site: http://www.punksbusted.com Auto-MBL system: http://punksbusted.com/modules.php?name=Auto_MBL Games PunksBusted supports to date: Quake3, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Soldier Of Fortune II, America's Army, Enemy Territory, Raven Shield, Battlefield1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Far Cry, Splinter Cell Pandora. Call Of Duty, accepting members now. Active upon PB release date. Full story continued here: PunksBusted.com[/quote]
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