-]ROC[- Mod 2.1 Alpha Released

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Published by Elmo 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Hey Folks I am pleased to announce that the new version of -]ROC[- Mod is available for testing from the -]ROC[- Website, SOFFiles will not currently be hosting this until the final stable build is ready as it isnt really worth having many versions of the beta to keep changing around so for now please get the files from these address [url="http://www.rocmod.rocclan.com/ROCmod-2.1a-server.zip"]Server Files[/url] [url="http://www.rocmod.rocclan.com/ROCmod-2.1a-client.zip"]Client Files[/url] [url="http://www.rocmod.rocclan.com/ROCmod-2.1a-server-bots.zip"]Bot-enabled server files (not recommended unless you plan to use bots)[/url] [quote] [b]Here is the list of fixes and updates in this release:[/b] - Fixed: Kill sprees are no longer counted during warmup - Fixed: Clan chat was not being recorded in the log differently from regular chat - Fixed: Some punishments (penalty box, dummy, etc.) were disappearing at respawn - Fixed: Players stripped while zooming were stuck with zoom until death - Fixed: The in-game MOTD display time is no longer extended repeatedly by respawning - Fixed: Possible fix for #Z token in server messages sometimes being blank - Fixed: Admin scores are no longer affected by using punishment commands - Added: Patched several SOF2 buffer overflows (exploited by programs such as sof2boom) - Added: Player IPs are now tracked and limited, to prevent fake player spamming - Added: New (additional) HUD (thanks to MaydaX and Dr. Pimp) - Added: Admin status is still visible to admins/sysops (and, optionally, clan members) when anonymous (though faded) - Added: Thermal goggles, Nightvision goggles, and Armor can be disabled on the server - Added: Matchmode will now exec certain cfg files when the match starts and ends. See matchmode.txt for details. - Added: Inactive players can now be moved to spec rather than just kicked - Added: Female models are now available in team games (thanks to Dr. Pimp) - Added: The OICW now includes a new firing mode, allowing the scope and 20mm nades to coexist (WP version only) (thanks to Dr. Pimp) - Added: New punishment: cripple - Weakens a player's health and damage - Added: New punishment: backfire - Causes a player's own bullets to turn against him - Added: Sysop restrictions now apply between admins and referees/clan members - Added: Team scores are now swapped when teams are swapped - Added: New command: password - Changes the server password - Added: New command: reset - Resets all gametype items - Added: Option to show the map time remaining on the screen under the clock - Added: Match screenshots are given distinct dated names - Added: Teams can now be automatically evened when necessary - Added: Client voice command preferences now apply to server messages - Added: Votes passed by admin are now announced in the console - Added: Rewrote the ShuffleTeams command to make sure teams are even - Added: Match mode status is now drawn on the HUD [/quote] We Look Forward To Having The Final Stable Build Of This Hosted At The Site In Approximatly Two Weeks Time For Now Enjoy Fragging Alex
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