ROCmod League (very soon)

By Sir Paul 17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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We are actually working on a ROCmod League. There are still a few bugs to fix but it should be ready in a few days! You can: -Create a team -Edit your team (homepage, logo, details..) -Invite a player to join your team -Request to join a team -Challenge a team -Report matches results -Dispute on results ... For now it's mostly RD and features the following ladders: ·CTF RD 2vs2 ·CTF RD 3vs3 ·CTF RD 4vs4 ·CTF RD 5vs5 ·INF RD 2vs2 ·INF RD 3vs3 ·INF RD 4vs4 ·INF RD 5vs5 ·TDM RD 2vs2 ·TDM RD 3vs3 ·TDM RD 4vs4 ·TDM RD 5vs5 (we may create new ladders) You can BETA test it from now @ http://rocmod-league.nuxit.net/ *Note that this URL will change to www.rocmod-league.net during this week. We will keep you informed about the official league opening.

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