Scrim / Match request form

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Scrim / Match request form For submition to the Soffiles news section Clan Name:HeadHunters-United Date submitted for scrim: Clan website URL: www.headhunters-united.de ---------------------------------------- Style of play:All Serious or Fun:Fun Min number of players:1 Max number of Players:8 ---------------------------------------- Maps for scrim: Map1-TB Hells Bells map2-Mp Raven Do you have your own server(yes or no):Yes Server ip address: Server Country Location:Germany Which Game Version:1.02 Which Mod Do You Use:RocMod 2.1c ---------------------------------------- About Our Clan:We are a mixed Sniper/All weapon TDM/DM FunClan! But we like to play other Modes like Ctf and Inf or DEM too!

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