Scrim With UK Snipers

By Goody 17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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For submition to the Soffiles news section Clan Name: <>SNIPERS Date submitted for scrim: 14 AUG 07 Clan website URL: WWW.UKSNIPERS.CO.UK ---------------------------------------- Style of play: TDM SNIPE Serious or Fun: FUN Min number of players: 6V6 Max number of Players: 10V10 ---------------------------------------- Maps for scrim: Map1- <>SNIPER RUINS map2- VOK Do you have your own server(yes or no): YES Server ip address: Server Country Location: UK Which Game Version: SOF2 GOLD Which Mod Do You Use: ROCMOD ---------------------------------------- About Our Clan: <>SNIPERS have been around for years and are still very active. Currently got over 20 members who play regular. We like to scrim on Sunday nights. Although maps have been named they can be changed and arranged between the two clans :-). We are always up for a scrim and will play other MOD's IE Goldrush. We will also play different game types. Looking forward to having a good scrim with some Clans we have never scrimmed against :-)

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