Shacknews interviews Kenn Hoekstra

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Published by GODh 20 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Shacknews sat down with Raven Software's Kenn Hoekstra to learn a little more about the upcoming Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix, their upcoming action game... [quote][b]Shack[/b]: The original Soldier of Fortune game didn't seem very popular online with a few hundred people playing at the most. Originally the sequel was started without multiplayer support. There didn't seem a particularly large outcry from the community following that news. Why did you decide to use resources on a part of the game not many people will play most likely? [b]Kenn[/b]: On the contrary, there was a large outcry for Soldier of Fortune II to have multiplayer, though that wasn’t the reason we decided to include it. We discovered that we had the staff to do it and we wanted to make the most complete game we could. We felt that making a fully-functional multiplayer game that is designed to be mod-friendly is a nice complement to the single player game and the Random Mission Generator. The ability to add the RMG technology to multiplayer cinched it. I think Soldier 2’s multiplayer has a great chance to become one of the more popular online games when it’s released. [b]Shack[/b]: How many multiplayer levels are you including with the game? [b]Kenn[/b]: I believe there are about a dozen multiplayer maps for the various game types as well as the Random Mission Generator technology, which allows you to basically generate and infinite number of random multiplayer maps.[/quote]You can read the complete interview [url=""]here[/url]!
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