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By Sir Paul 19 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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[quote]I am running an SOFII DM competition between 9th - 30th April 2005 and wonder if you could give it a mention on www.sof2files.com ? I produce the SOF Players website at www.sofplayers.co.uk and have had a link to your site for years :) I have over 750 players listed on the site and hope to get at least 200 signed up to take part in our DM competition. There are 2 sections, Regular Maps and RMG. We have 3 servers at our disposal. These are all based in Europe so at this stage we are aiming more towards European entrants. If you think this may be of interest take a look at our signup page at http://www.sofplayers.co.uk/competition.htm Many Thanks For A Great SOFII Resource[/quote] Ian Sill -=Garbage Slug=- EU Go check out the sign up page, if you think you have what it takes to enter :)

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