SOF2-interview on Game Fusion

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[url="http://www.games-fusion.net/"]Games Fusion[/url] had an interview with Kenn Hoekstra about SOF2: [quote][b]GF[/b]: In my own personal opinion Soldier of Fortune 1 multiplayer was very different from the single player game in terms of speed; it was more like playing a game of Quake 3 Arena. Have you slowed things down for SOF 2 and made it more Counter-Terrorism like? [b]KH[/b]: Soldier of Fortune was very fast…one of the fastest games I’ve ever played. That was intentional, too; a throwback to DooM speed. For Soldier of Fortune 2, however, the speed of the character has been toned down. We did this for both realism and gameplay reasons. It’s difficult to balance a game and get the most out of it when you have a character that can run like the FLASH. This was a big game balance issue we started working out from very early on in development.[/quote]Hmmmm, slower speed? Please, someone wake me, and tell me that i just had a bad dream :( You can read the full interview (and a list of question not answered) [url="http://www.games-fusion.net/interviews/sof2_interview.php"]here[/url]!

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