Sof2 Match rising like a Pheonix

By Sir Paul 20 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[quote]The mmgn network site sof2match.com which has been dead in the water since late last year is about to be reincarnated. We are going to be making sure this site can rise yet again to the forefront of the sof2 community and have a number of plans to make sure the site does not get slack as it did before. The site is going to be alot more visitor orientated so we urge the public to send in comments and emails to[email] [email protected][/email] (Administrator) telling us what you would most like to see, then we can dedicate our time making the site YOU want. Watch this space for more information regarding the relaunch of sof2match and we hope you will return to the site.[/quote] Danial D Sharp Admin @ Sof2match.com Mmgn Network

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