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The June Update


What can I say apart from they seem to have dried up. This is unfortunate as it is a great asset to the site and a bit of fun. We have no pictures in the queue so if you have a few screen shots then send them in.

FILES Again the files have been a bit slow this month but it is good to see new people having a go. I refer to AngryBob and SubZero who have both had a go at skinning. To them I say thank you and keep the good work coming :)


Congratulations to Raslin. You have made some great maps for Sof2 and we all thank you for them. Plus your contined support for mappers is fantastic.

I would just like to say that there has been talk that maybe Sof2 is dying and that might be true. But things always slow down this time of year. It is good to see that the regulars are still here and we are still getting a lot of visitors. So even though the files and pictures have suffered I am sure things will pick up again. If you have any suggestion for features or if you would like us to interview a member of the Sof2 community then feel free to drop me a note about it to and I will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

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