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The August Update.


Well as you probably have noticed that there are none left in the queue. But I am sure that it will pick up again once we move into Autumn. Also conrgats to _commando_ for getting all 3 top spots in last months potm comp. For the eagle eyed out there you may have notice that the left menu pic for the potm comp is not resolving properly and hasn't for a little while now. We have been assured that it will be fixed some time in the near future. You can keep see all the potm comps here PotM Archive


We have seen quite a few over the past month. Some great and some not so great but it is still good to see people out there working on new things for SoF. Keep up the good work :)


Congrats to Fragger for being this months featured developer. We all know his work very well and we hope to see more of your work in the future.


My apologies for not doing the Soffiles update last month. To be honest not a lot happened last month so there was really nothing to say. However it was the 1 year anniversary of Sir Paul stepping down. I know he still visits us from time to time and I would like to thank him for the help he gave me when I took over.


There was some serious rule break that took place in the comments of the XSmod server files. As a result the comments for that file were deleted and locked. They have been reopened again and I would like to remind people to keep the comments for all files directed at the files. 2 people have been banned from commenting because they used the comments sections for personal attacks. To be clear this applies to every member with no excuses and no exceptions. This site is a big site in sof land and we will not allow it to used to attack people. Thank you.

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