Soffiles Update

By Goody 16 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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The April Update POTD We have been lucky for the past few weeks and I think the worst pic of the month competition helped. But today we only have 5 pictures left in the queue. FILES There have been some great maps since the last update and it is great to see Fragger and The Goat turning there hand to mapping. On the subject of files the last 50 files list on the front page has been experiencing some problems. We are aware of it and it will be fixed (if not already) shortly. If it does happen again don't worry about it just be patient. It is also great to see new mappers starting out and to you guys we say keep it up and don't be afraid to ask. POTM Last months worst picture of the month competition was great. But its all back to normal now with the highest voted pic winning. So good luck to all those who have sent pictures in. MARCH SOFFILES UPDATE My apologies for not doing the March update. Real life events simply got in the way. FEATURED DEVELOPER Congratulations to Rebel for becoming the April Featured Developer. It has been great to see how your mapping skills have progressed over the last year or so. Keep up the good work m8.

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