Soldier of Fortune 2 Q&A on Shacknews.com

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[url="http://www.shacknews.com/"]Shacknews.com[/url] has made a nice Q&A about SOF2 and the MP Test... Raven programmer Rick Johnson was the one who took the time to answer a few questions related to the multiplayer options of Soldier of Fortune 2. [quote][b]Shack[/b]: What does it feel like to have your game called the new Counter-Strike? [b]Rick[/b]: We never really set ourselves out to be the next Counter-Strike. We worked very hard to add a lot of good features that make it both easy for a person to jump into Soldier of Fortune 2 MP as well as to have longevity. The game type system that we’ve implemented into the engine should allow mod makers the ability to easily extend games / create new types of games. The Random Mission Generator will also introduce people to a new playing experience, where everyone is on an equal footing and that they don’t know the caveats of a particular map. Our post-release goals are to be very supportive to the mod community as well as to continue to release additional content...[/quote]You can read the full Q&A [url="http://www.shacknews.com/extras/interviews/050902_sof2.x"]here[/url] :love:

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