Spyware in PB Question

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Published by Sir Paul 19 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Here is the official responce from Tony Ray President Even Balance, Inc. [quote]There is absolutely nothing about PunkBuster that could be considered spyware. PunkBuster does not install other programs or applets of any kind. I read the "letter" on your site. It is just like all the other false accusations made about PunkBuster over the past years - completely devoid of any specific backup information. Even the name of the spyware checking program is not mentioned, let alone any of the supposedly 10 other spyware apps. Now this person may have downloaded something claiming to be PunkBuster from some site other than ours (http://www.evenbalance.com) and I have no idea what all could be attached to such a download from a site other than ours. We explicitly forbid anyone from mirroring our download files but we do from time to time become aware that other sites try to "host" our files. PunkBuster users should never download PB-related program files from any site except www.evenbalance.com or from a game publisher who chooses to make PB available with their game patches (such as at www.ubi.com). There is simply not a single spyware-related chunk of code in authentic PunkBuster binaries and there never has been and there never will be. Our website doesn't even have a single ad (popup or otherwise) and it never has - not one. Even though we get millions of hits per year, we go out of our way to not be associated with any practice that annoys or invades the privacy of our users, even to that degree. Sincerely, Tony Ray President Even Balance, Inc.[/quote] Now hopefully these rumours can be ended here, a big thankyou to Tony for his swift reply :)
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