#SquaD -> Fun Scrims Wanted

By Goody 17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Clan Name: #SquaD Date submitted for scrim: everyday Clan website URL: www.tgk-clan.net/squad (temporary url) ---------------------------------------- Style of play: CTF (tactical playing) Serious or Fun: Serious fun :P Min number of players: 3 Max number of Players: 6 ---------------------------------------- Maps for scrim: Map1- jor1 map2- shop2 Do you have your own server(yes or no): yes Server ip address: Server Country Location: North France Which Game Version: 1.03 Which Mod Do You Use: ROCmod ---------------------------------------- About Our Clan: SquaD is a new clan formed with old friends from all over Europe. We way prefer fun scrims to public playing and we're always searching for new challenges. Hope to scrim you soon. :D

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