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By Goody 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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We have had a few files sent in recently that are perfectly good files but they lacked a good description or readme. To clarify the description is different to the readme. The readme is there to tell other how to use your work along with thanks, contact details (if you wish to add them) and technical information like build time and so on. The desription is there to tell people about finished product like the layout and benefits of using your work. The rules of the site apply to these and this means no foul language. That will only see your file deleted and you warned. Since the new upload system was put in place you have been given the oppertunity to write the descriptions for your own work. 90% of the time this has worked out well. But there are some who still submit files with what can only be described as childish comments with no effort in both the description and readme. Again this will only delay us placing your files on the site and could see them deleted. Please think about the descriptions and readmes when sending in your files as it has got to the point where we may just reject them. You have abviously put some effort into your work otherwise you would not be sending it to us so please but a bit of effort into the text that goes with them. Thank you Goody

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