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[quote]SeeMePlayMe is still a very new program but we have much to offer. Soon there will be more games like Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Quake 1, Soldier of Fortune 2 to name but a few. The programmers will also add more features like sending filetransfers through pager, the ability to launch external games and high-speed voice and video. SeeMePlayMe offers high speed private servers for free where you can set up your own games. Games like HalfLife Counterstrike and DayOfDefeat, Battlefield 1942, Desert Combat, Jedi Knight 2, Quake 2, Quake 3, and Quake 3 arena MODS like Rocket Arena, Freezetag, Urban Terror and Instagib. Unreal Tournament 2003, America’s Army Operations and America’s Army for Money were you can challenge an opposing team and place a bet. SeeMePlayMe also offers crystal clear voice and video chat with a buddy locater option that allows you to follow friends into lobby’s or games and a pager that enables you to send people messages. [/quote] Those of you thinking that SeeMePlayMe is like Game Spy Arcade are wrong! With SeeMePlayMe you can create your own server hosted off their bandwidth. You can also use video and voice with 20 people at the same timein one room all talking to each other this has to be one of the most promising new gaming platforms on the market right now and will continue to grow. See for yourself and join SeeMePlayMe at www.seemeplayme.com

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