Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Weapons
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MP5 Flame Mp5

This is a good Mp5 skin. It has a fox red color and some flame effects, NO SILENCER & some new sounds, ENJOY ;)


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MP5 Camo mp5

Had a look at this and it looks like Matrix effect well thats what it reminds me off, well enjoy it


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MP5 World War 2 MP5

This mp5 looks like Its from the WW2. Details: Darker Greyish Look Blood Stains in some places Some Parts replaced with Wood


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MP5 Camo Mp5

Nice looking Pm5 skin made by -=Lone=-


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MP5 Xtreme Black Ops MP5

This is a file I made for my clan XBO. My members seemed to like it so I decided to upload it. There are no clantags on it so anyone can use...


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MP5 Red Fusion MP5

This is a very impressive MP5 skin which is red... DUH It has black parts which makes it much cooler. The details are awesome ;)


MP5 Silver MP5A5

A very nice skin for the MP5 with a new muzel flash and a new sound. Lookin Good :D


MP5 Frostfire MP5

Here we have a nice vibrant red, blue and white MP5. If you like the red, white and blue colours then I suggest you give this a try :)


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MP5 Sn!per Boy's Black And White Mp5

Another skin by Sn!per Boy this changes your Mp5 skin into a black and white one.


MP5 red fusion mp5

Omg this is bright, nice skin to go with the matching shotty also by sam


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MP5 |CAFN| Sconzy's Lave mp5

This another lave skin from |CAFN| Sconzy it changes the look of the mp5 Very nice skin go give it a test !!


MP5 Scorpion Silver MP5A5

This skin adds a silencer to the Mp5, this is what the author said Well i saw many guys saying that they dont like the mp5 w/out sil...


MP5 Black Ops Mp5

This changes the look of the Mp5 its a new Mp5 Unsilenced with a new sound and a new skin.:)


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MP5 U.S Camo Mp5

This replaces your default mp5 skin to a realistic/good looking camo one, this is part of the camo set made by =-DhrozT-=


MP5 Blue Metal MP5

i really like this one. it is nice & shiny blue chrome/metal. i suggest that you give it a try, because it is really fun ;)


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MP5 Fuz2y Mp5

This skin changes the look of the default Mp5, this version is unsilenced,nicely done by fuzzy, well worth adding to your collection :)


MP5 Bloody MP5

Here is a very nice High Quality Skin for the MP5. The sounds are still the same but the skin owns! Give it a go. This was the first Skin...


MP5 Golden MP5

Here we have a nice golden MP5 skin. Looks really nice. Give it a test run see what you think :)


MP5 Alias White MP5

Check out the alias white mp5.


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MP5 Luxury MP5

This one is no quickie & it shows; the overall texture is good, lighting is excellent & ther chrome is the finishing touch ;) the handles...


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MP5 Non-Silenced MP5

This is the MP5 but with out the silencer, and a new sound :) A bit like the non-silenced man down MP5.


MP5 Paint Mp5

This changes the look of your Mp5 weapon, this skin has splashs of paint all over it, fancy leaving it lying around in school ;)


MP5 True Mp5-10

This changes the look of the default Mp5 skin, a very nice skin made by 51337_dollars, well worth giving it a test, and add it to your colle...


MP5 Mp5a3 Skin

This skin changes the look of your mp5 Skin, very nicely made skin well worth adding to your now growing collection:) ** Only support hi...