Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
AK 74

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix AK 74
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AK 74 Grimm's Mud Camo Kalasjnikov

I made this in a few minutes, it isn't one of my best but i believe ppl can enjoy it, i also added the bayonet and it worked out rather wel...


AK 74 Atomics Fuzzy AK74

This skin changes the look of the AK74's woodwork Another skin for collection Enjoy :)


AK 74 Ak74 Camo Vityaz

This is the first of many skins from, here the AK74 gets his makeover, nice skin dude:)


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AK 74 Atomic blood AK74

This changes the default skin of the AK74 to a blood stained one, this is much better looking than the first one Atomic did:p Well worth a...


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AK 74 Curly Maple AK-74

A nice hardwood stock for the Kalishnikov user bored of your old skin? Then get this and add it to your collection ;)


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AK 74 Black & White AK74

This is a kool/funny looking AK74 skin, and a second good quality skin from Lawless. So keep them coming m8. Nice work :)


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AK 74 Metallic Ice

Another nice skin from Flame-O-MaTiC for the AK74.


AK 74 Chrome / flame AK74

This is my newest AK74 to fill in a blank in my ChromeEd. skins. It is chrome with some black & some really cool flame effects running over...


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AK 74 Wooden ak74

ermwell humm this looks very much the same to me apart from the wood "Description: This is an ak with new wood texture an...


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AK 74 KV Jungle AK74

This AK-74 survived several hostile encounters! The camo paint has been scratched off in several places where you see wood. Bayonet has...


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AK 74 Black Death AK74

This is a neat AK74 skin by N4sTy. It has a cool black shade and looks like he's altered the textures too. Keep it up N4sTy :)


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AK 74 Gr!mm FUR PRO

I made this in 20mins, so all of u that didn't like my quickies, here's my first Pro skin. Hope ya like it. Its fur, green with brown and...


AK 74 AK74 Skin pack

There are four different skins in this file choose a different look to your AK from Gold,silver,redwood, blackwood. Nice skins give them a t...


AK 74 Real AK74 Skin

This changes your default AK74 Skin to a very nice (and it does look real) skin, a must for your collection go give it a try :) **Only...


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AK 74 Mafia-ak

This is a Tite Skin,All u Ak-74 freaks Betta Download this!!!j/k


AK 74 BlackIce AK74

Here we have a near blackish skin for the AK74. Give it a try see what you think :)


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AK 74 +Mc+ Wesside MoBn's BloodShed AK47

Bloodshed Ak74 brought to you by +Mc+ Wesside [email protected] This is my First weapon skin so go easy on me


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AK 74 BlackOps AK74

I made this file for my clan, but i thought i'd make it public too, cause my members seem to like it ;)


AK 74 Bloody AK

Nice realistic skin for AK74 :D


AK 74 BattleMidget's AK101

This skin complete with new sound,changes the default AK74 weapon skin for MP game play, nicely made package go give it a test :)


AK 74 AK74 Elite

This is a pretty cool black AK with some very cool woodwork ;) check it out bro's cause santa brought ya a late christmas desert ;)


AK 74 AToM!c AK74

Nice ak74 skin from AToM!c, the wooden parts of the weapon have been changed to look like lava, give it a test !


AK 74 Blood ak74 Skin

This changes the look of the ak74 to a white skin with red spots of blood. Well it definatly different from the default skin.;)


AK 74 Atomics Ak74 Lavaskin

This is the 2nd Skin from AToM!cs and its Version 1.1 of his lava skin. this is what he said about version 1. the texture was a...