Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
AK 74

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix AK 74
AK 74 LastDance AK74

The AK74 is by far the hardest weapon to skin in SOF2, but after many skins which I have done, Im going to release the one I have use...


AK 74 Aussies Ak74

This file changes the look of your default AK Weapon skin. Go give it a try and see what you think.


AK 74 Royal Gold/Red Wood AK74

For all the fans of shiny weapon skins here's another for the AK74. Try it out and see what you think. :)


AK 74 Dark AK

Another nice skin from fragger. This replaces the AK, But you already knew that lol. Download and enjoy ;)


AK 74 Dark AK Metal Clip

This version of the dark ak the clip has been changed to match the rest of the metal on the gun.


AK 74 zPat AK

Here is a nice looking new AK skin for you to try out, the woodwork is now dark and shiny, go give it a test and leave some feed back.


AK 74 AK47 Lecacy

This is a great AK47 skin that looks fantastic. Well worth a look and leave the developer some feedback.


AK 74 Avants Ak-47 skin

A skin for the AK-47. The developer said he has tried to make it look more realistic. So what do you think. Please leave the developer som...


AK 74 goatsWoodGrainAK

A newer version of the AK74 skin. Darker details, new wood and sound. Redid the metal, barrel and more. It looks very similar to the newer a...