Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
AK 74

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix AK 74
AK 74 Metalic AK74

This changes your default ak74 skin to a nice umm metalic look bored of you old skins? Give this a try :)


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AK 74 Atomics Darker Wood AK74

This Changes The Default Skin To A Much Darker Wood Affect. The Wood Grain Has Also Been Changed To Make The Wood Look More Realistic :)


AK 74 Black Chrome AK74

Part three of the black and chrome skins, this one is for the AK74,use this with the nade and shotgun skins :)


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AK 74 US Flag AK74

This skin puts the US flag onto the wodwork of your AK74 For all of you patriotic folks out there ;)


AK 74 Invert Chrome Ak74

This skin changes the look of your AK74 The author said this Blue/Red Flames & Chrome, What Else Would You Want?


AK 74 Kalashnikov Ak 47

This changes the skin of your default Ak74, the author had this to add I did this skin on the ask of some Clan members. This A...


AK 74 Fuz2y AK-74

This skin changes the look of the AK74 to give a realistic wood look, the bayonet has been left off, nice skin give it a test ;)


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AK 74 Camo AK74

Here is yet another great Camoflauge Skin for the AK74. Give it a go!


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AK 74 Red Dragon AK

This is ArkansasDace's first skin. It is like the Red Dragon M4 skin but an AK version.


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AK 74 Ceremonial AK-74

This is a very nice looking AK74, if you like your ak's then i suggest you give it a whiz.


AK 74 Smoke AK

This is a very nice snow ( smoke ) camo AK. Blends in well with snow RMG maps. If you play/host a lot of rmg snow maps then download it :)


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AK 74 Black Steel AK

Cool AK74 skin by N4sTy give it a try :)


AK 74 Golden AK

This changes the default look of the Ak74 rifle, if you are bored of the normal skins give this a try :)


AK 74 Army AK74

This skin changes the look of you Ak74 rifle its nicely done ;) Go give it a try.


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AK 74 Driftwood Ak

guess who made it yup it's him MEDIC !!! LOL hehehe, well hope y'all like it:)


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AK 74 Photographic ak74

This is a nicely done skin, well worth adding to your collection, it changes the look of the default AK skin, and this is what the Author sa...


AK 74 Snake AK74 Skin

This skin changes the look of your AK74 skin, good skin for a first go ;) Go give it a test and let the author know what you think :)


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AK 74 Ferretflake's Blackness Ak-74

This Skin changes the look of your AK74 Weapon, not a bad skin give it a test ;)


AK 74 Negative AK74

This is Lethal's first skin and a very good attempt. Its a unique skin and rather nice, try it for yourself's :)


AK 74 Mikhail Antique Kalashnikov

This is another fine piece-o-work ;)


AK 74 Glowing Edges

This is a very Nice AK74 skin, looks quite realistic and kinda futuristic like a war gun. Extremely nice work :)


AK 74 Scorpion Chrome AK74

This is amazing; by far is this the best AK74 skin ever , both texture & realism are perfect !! I am stunned ... I ... I WOW ! :me...


AK 74 Snow Ops AK74

This was intended as a follow up, on my SnowOps Playerskinpack ;) since Medic like em so much. He's convinced u should down those *** hint *...


AK 74 KV Real Deal AK-74-

This is a very nice AK74 skin this is how HMSS King Volcano describes it: This is a Picture perfect (close anyway) AK-74. Complete...