Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
The House {CST}RacerX 681KB 3,924
Middle Ages, The Pharao_FS 3.54MB 16,623
PharCoughs Playpen PharCough 5.61MB 10,409
Solomon's Blacklace Solomon 386KB 8,311
The Middle Ages 2 - Updated Pharao_FS 3.06MB 15,444
The Rig Foxhound 6.59MB 6,155
Temple, The Marko 683KB 13,838
Western Town Pharao_FS 3.41MB 23,333
Pharao´s Fluch Pharao_FS 5.12MB 9,922
Valley of Kings Marko 1.74MB 4,074
Valley of Kings Marko 1.74MB 49,476
Plant72 Hellcameawalkin 3.92MB 6,902
Cargo Ship Ofcr.yam 1.29MB 19,303
OP Frozen Twilight -- ICE Warehouse Assault Maj. Lee Fahkin High 9.41MB 12,532
Downtown Marko 1.53MB 18,889
Bridge of Argonath <THT> Spike 725KB 20,484
Western Town 2 Pharao_FS 3.02MB 26,461
Subway HellF1re 1.94MB 56,860
Canyon Marko 683KB 18,766
Uber Map Pack (fixed) Pharao_FS 4.1MB 26,742
TBC's Peek-A-Boo Party Map TBC ChainSaw 2.36MB 7,063
CS Italy Pit 2.77MB 155,554
Evil Mansion, The Tintiz 1.05MB 10,194
Panzer Pack Pharao_FS 4.11MB 13,636
KP towers GraveDigger 4.31MB 10,366
MP_Kam6 [CE]Darkone 3.92MB 16,015
Sib Base Pharao_FS 1.53MB 5,809
Stuk's Chemicals Stukatto 4.48MB 6,945
Stuk's Chemicals Stukatto 4.32MB 5,907
Black Market Blizzard Senior 2.38MB 16,391
Church frits van de water 2.68MB 13,518
Midnight Madness warlord 1.44MB 5,353
Robbery Torchy 5.1MB 13,860
UT_November MidKnight 1.53MB 5,032
Plant 72 Hellcameawalkin 4MB 6,758
Starshoot warlord 2.35MB 6,517
The Mines of Moria [NMC] Obscured 7.59MB 11,559
A Party Blizzard Senior 3.32MB 14,064
Poseyj's House Map poseyj 2.18MB 6,911
Da XHouse Blizzard Senior 5.55MB 9,517
BerneyBoy's Egypt Team Temple Map Berney Boy 6.79MB 12,596
Attack The Dorfhaus Andre Lorbach. 5.75MB 13,045
A Bank Blizzard Senior 6.99MB 20,549
Outpost 3 Geezer 1.52MB 4,095 MapPack Vol1 MidKnight 57.75MB 342,245 Mappack vol2 MidKnight 41.51MB 213,048
MP 2Fort 2002 Arkanis 2.86MB 15,000
MP-Muerte Great One ~SASD~ 1.25MB 3,064
Rage Miha Žagar 6.43MB 3,414
Col Vill Flatulant Monkey 593KB 3,681