Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Audio
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Audio Mullins

This file i picked up at Planet They dont know how they got it, and this is what they...


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Audio MmonSpakv100

My sound pak or sound mod for sof2 working on an update, which not many ppl will download.


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Audio Firearms Sound pack

This Soundpack changes most of the firing sounds and a few reload sounds, Credits Go to Freedom Fighter and Henrik 'Hk' Gustafssons for let...


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Audio Farting talon

This is a sound i have made for the silver talon, it replaces the normal fireing sound with a fart :) hehe, and if you dont know this is no...


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Audio Rayza VS Soldier Of Fortune II - Capture The Prague

What can i say this is not a mod sound pack for the game it is a mp3. I have been waiting for this to arrive in my mail box for weeks and he...


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Audio Rock Sof2 - XtinCt

A very kick ass Rock/Techno song made by XtinCt. It uses sounds from sof2. Rock on! Eating toenails though? :S


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Audio SoF2 Sound/Music Mp3

Here we have some nice background music for you to play while fragging away at SoF2, go give it a try and see what you think :)


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Audio Sof2 Mp3

This program simply add some new commands to Soldier of Fortune 2 console , type: winamp help in console for help WARNING : If u have...


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Audio Jaxxs' rmp sound pack part 2 [18 years old only]

You will get part one as soon Jaxx sends us the file the last one was Corrupt And the +18 warning IS not precautionary it is Nessary


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Audio Car Dealer Map Music

Here is the music for the secret room on Car Dealer Go find it!!!