Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
CE Chopping Mall Bot route Dude100 14KB 798
CE Pyramids Bot route Dude100 13KB 596
Hospital take over Bot Route Dude100 15KB 538
MP_Aztec Bot Route Dude100 8KB 787
Rivals Bot Route Dude100 11KB 388
Mandown VOK Bot Dude100 41KB 2,393
Mandown Hells Bells bot route Dude100 22KB 1,846
mortal kombat bot route Dude100 11KB 537
Egypt TeamTemple bot route Dude100 12KB 794
Towerbattle Bot Route Dude100 19KB 417
Counterstrike AWP bot route Dude100 10KB 1,289
KP_Towers bot route Dude100 7KB 625
The Facility MAD Remake Bot Route Dude100 14KB 388
Sof 1.03 NEW MAP BOT ROUTES Dude100 23KB 2,739
RingBearers Hotel Bot Route Dude100 13KB 295
Lar's Botroutes Lars ziegler 103KB 609
MP Colcity Routes and Routes A_Guy 89KB 108
Jordan Marketplace Bot route [>BM<]Solid_Revenger 4KB 1,247
Slm Desert Outpost2 Bot Route [>BM<]Solid_Revenger 5KB 389
Bot route for mp_cbble old bronco 15KB 1,237
Western 2 Bot route old bronco 12KB 1,235
Muerte Bot route old bronco 6KB 203
Remagen Bot route old bronco 8KB 342
CRS Bot Routes CALKSTER 32KB 999
CRS Bot Routes2 CALKSTER 103KB 1,091
CRS Bot Routes 3 CALKSTER 86KB 974
Mandown Church of pain Bot Route Zardoz 4KB 449
Mandown Botroutes Pack Zardoz 40KB 939
CRS Botroute Shop2 *-_MaDMaX_-* 24KB 1,289
Mandown Botroute Pack 2 Zardoz 75KB 1,026
CRS Botroute MP Laxity Tweedle Dee 3KB 309
CRS Botroute mp_air1 *-_MaDMaX_-* 28KB 994
CRS_Botroute mp_sfrance_v2 CTF,INF,DEM,ELIM *-_MaDMaX_-* 36KB 1,511
Market botroutes Cisco256 20KB 321
CRS_Botroute KamJordan *-_MaDMaX_-* 11KB 263
CRS Botroute for KamJordan *-_MaDMaX_-* 11KB 604
MIF Kam 2 Botroute *-_MaDMaX_-* 8KB 857
CRS_Botroute,Pwnbot botroute: mif_bridge *-_MaDMaX_-* 8KB 752
Alora CTF Map Bot Route BSK*Dr Death 10KB 668
Magic's CTF Botroutes 8-Pack Magic Power 34KB 319
Bot routes for ce_mall CTF and INF BSK*Dr Death 17KB 364
PWN[Bot] Routes CALKSTER 1.64MB 710
pwn[bot]routes2 Guest 690KB 513
PWN[Bot] Routes CALKSTER 626KB 772
Redone Pwnbot Botroutes A_Guy 111KB 377
Pwnbot Botroutes A_Guy 557KB 583
Powbot Redon Routes With Mapcycle A_Guy 173KB 421
Pwn[bot] Routes A_Guy 156KB 348
TDM DM Botroutes A_Guy 278KB 375
Bot Routes 5 A_Guy 327KB 611