Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
Capture the Flag

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Mc Do Marko 753KB 20078
Shark Pharao_FS 580KB 16180
The Gas Plant warlord 708KB 3140
VFS Playhouse Snakebit 1.67MB 7299
Iraq ViKiNgSmAn86 3.43MB 15146
eZCFUn Andre Lorbach. 3MB 3938
Rikard's CTF Map Lindren 3.25MB 5226
HH BLooD AreNa [HH] MSgt Jacobs 2.99MB 2947
[HH] Dominion (Daytime 2) [HH] Gen Pain [Cdr 3.08MB 3154
The Jungle City ThunderFalcon 1.36MB 3060
SOF1 CTF Maps Geezer 1.79MB 3268
MP_FINCA CTF & ELIM Torchy 1.33MB 3799
Return to finca house warming (fixed) Torchy 1.33MB 1772
[CE] Temple [CE]Darkone 5.1MB 3146
CTF Sonora IRON_NADZ 1.76MB 21698
Desert Storm M@YD@Y 431KB 5110
Return to finca house warming Torchy 1.33MB 9887
Colombian Vertigo Torchy 1.79MB 11340
Desert Assult DkViPeR2k8 2.15MB 4164
Jungle Under Fire DkViPeR2k8 2.67MB 3500
Army Airfield -=Lone K|D=- 715KB 5039
Army Airfield 2 -=Lone K|D=- 1.45MB 5407
CTF map TOC Highdive Ronj 3.83MB 3599
FlagFight Kungen 875KB 2506
The Keep RTW*MooseMan 7.59MB 1708
The Gold Mine Raid fix 1.62MB 3667
EFF Crate Lanes |-EFF-|Midget|L| 722KB 2582
GoldenEye 007 Temple *remake* [Made]* Teal'C 602KB 3335
The Bridge wee_menphis/kit89 1.73MB 2930
Insomnia Saints Two On Two DAK_666 130KB 2146
VV Jumpy Corbin mfoxxvv 368KB 353
Unfinished Shop armedalliance 2.75MB 942
Jordan Market [Made] King 1.83MB 5248
Park Guest 17.72MB 1635
Delfino Plaz wee_menphis/kit89 3.25MB 1403
Touchdown =CC=***Evil_Dick 9.23MB 1119
-]MDK[-Streets -]MDK[-Deathlord 1.89MB 2308
MoB Base [MoB]$gt.Murphy 1.38MB 969
sin_Jersey sin.Jersey 2.37MB 727
Miami Watch wee_menphis/kit89 1.53MB 1747
MP Boss '/SwA#.R34p3r 1.77MB 761
SWA Snipers '/SwA#.R34p3r 2.82MB 655
SWA Snipers '/SwA#.R34p3r 1.77MB 1334
Trainspotting CTF elemenz 1.59MB 2024
The Skate Park Neil Pettifer 2.25MB 601
Lake SnakE 1.13MB 3020
Xtream War LBraxton 990KB 342
Clan LBraxton 660KB 379
mp greece Refuze 1.18MB 517
Elevator Action Carlos Sole 883KB 263