Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Crosshairs
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Crosshairs Fraggers Crosshairs

Want a larger selection of crosshairs for the game? Try these :D


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Crosshairs Fuz2y_Scope

This is a pretty cool crosshair for the sniper rifle courtesy of fuz2y to go along with the fuz2y MSG90A1 sniper rifle so make sure you p...


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Crosshairs n4sty_scope

This is a nice crosshair for the sniper rifle. Thanks to n4sty


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Crosshairs D.S.F. Sniper Scope

Here is my very first skinning of a weapon item. A colorized scope for the sniper rifle with circles added in the background image.


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Crosshairs Zch Crosshairs

Well, erh... crosshairs :S


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Crosshairs AIM Master Crosshairs

The developer of the file garantuees ever one that this will improve your aim by 48% at the least "These are some crosshairs i designed t...


Crosshairs Animal Sniper Scope

This mod changes the way your default MP sniper rifle crosshair looks, this file is the first skin/mod from =| BEF |=aNiMaL This is...


Crosshairs CF Crosshair and Scope Set 1

This mod gives you some more crosshairs for you to try out and test your skill in game, this is what the author has to say: Well, my...


Crosshairs Armitage scope

This changes the look of your scope for the sniper rifle or sig It is based from the hit anime movie Armitage, -=Z3r0 c001=- states it will...


Crosshairs [email protected] Scope

This skin changes the look of the standard Mil-Dot sniper scope used on the MSG90 and the Sigg551. The new skin has grey (looks sliv...


Crosshairs N4sTy Scope 2

Another great scope from N4sTy :)


Crosshairs Pano's Killer Crosshairs

This File has various crosshairs for you to choose from, some nice ones in there, may help your aim a little ;) Go give them a try


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Crosshairs True Scope

This little mod changes the look of your sniper rifle crosshair, this is how the author describes it: This scope is a features a m...


Crosshairs Viper Sniper

This mod changes the look of your Sniper rifle crosshair, On light maps and fog maps its easy to see the red dot. It slightly brighter to p...


Crosshairs Sene Scope

This pack changes the look of the stock crosshairs in both shape aspect, and coloring. Screeners are poor quality, looks much better...


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Crosshairs Syph Snipaz Sniper Scope

This mod file changes the look of the sniper rifle crosshair, the screen shot does not do it justice, try it in game see what you think. ;)


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Crosshairs SNAILS Scope

Here is a nice scope that has neon green reticles and gold bullets with red tips. Give it a try see if you like it :)


Crosshairs =CSF= Intrepid Scope

This mod changes the look of the crosshair on the sniper rifle, another nice skin from the Canadian Special Forces SOFII Clan :)


Crosshairs Simulated laser dot

Simulated laser dot. It is a red colored dot crosshair so when you select dot crosshair on hud you have a bright red laser dot that w...


Crosshairs Leon ZNV Scope

This little mod changes the look of the sniper scope, it enhances light and is very useful for snipers especially in dark. Enjoy:)


Crosshairs Leon ZNV Vario FX Scope

This scope mod shows bright spots in red. I included an animation that circles moves from inwards to outwards but your sight does not...


Crosshairs Fragger's Spinning Crosshairs

Here are some nice crosshairs from Fragger, these crosshairs come in 7 different colors, they spin and using this pack it will replace the t...


Crosshairs Panos Killer Crosshairs 2

Here is another cool crosshair by Pano. Worth a download, you never know it might help you blow someone's head off so go give it a try! :)


Crosshairs Random Scopes And Crosshairs

Here are some really cool crosshair skins that change according to what weapon you are holding. Very nicely done so give them a try and let...