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Female Widowmaker

Fragger has done it again! He made a nice female skin named Widowmaker... Oldskool SOF1 players will probably recognize her from SOF1! Go...


Female X-Men Rogue Skin

This Skin was created by "MSH Rogue" from the "|MSH| Marvel Super Heros" CLAN. Join the Clan at :[/url...


Female Rachel "The Sniper Babe"

This is my first player skin, i already skinned some weapons when i was named BonesCollector but not alot. I decided to do do a femal...


Female Catwoman Skin

Well,the title says it all don't it ? This is a nice skin of our favorite pussy :) Well done Fragger


Female Halle Berry

For my second skin, i decided to chalenge myself by working on a celebrity. I choosed to do Halle Berry because i noticed that theres...


Female Glass Widowmaker

Here is the old favorite now in glass, Widowmaker sof1 fame will go nicely alongside the Liquid skin, go give it a try its worth adding to y...


Female |MSV| Emma Frost

Here we have a female player skin sent in by |MSV| Red Skull. Part of a series of Marvel Super Villains. Go give it a test and see what you...


Female |MSV| Mystique

Here is another skin from the |MSV| Marvel Super Villains series, this one is called Mystique. Go give it a test and see what you think:)


Female |MSV|Scarlet Witch

This is another player skin in the |MSV| Marvel Super Villains series, this one is called Scarlet Witch. Go give it a test and see what you...


Female Female Team Members

Several Female Team Members For Prometheus (The soldier type, not snow) One for Shop and One For Marines. They replace one of the mal...


Female Sex Maid

A DM skin for the female characters. A nice skin from Fragger, go give it a try Enjoy :p


Female Wonder Woman

A new Female player skin for you to try out, works in DM game types. Go check it out :thumbsup:


Female Michelle in Bikini

A very nice and well done female skin in bikini and mini skirt go check it out and tell us what you think, Enjoy :D


Female Anime Girl

Looking for some new skins to use try this one out and tell us what you think enjoy ;)


Female Xtina Aguilera

Always wanted to play as Christina Aguilera try her out by downloading this file enjoy ;)


Female dgx Chick

Here is a nice female player skin for you to try out, bet she gets cold running around in Kamchatka ;)


Female Tricky's Females

24 in this set low file size. It's really nothing new used 4 of the Female bodies we all have: Snow, Colombian, Taylor & HK Thug. I...


Female School Girl Skin

A nice skin using diffrent lighting effects. Try this one out and give the developer some feedback


Female Tricky's Female Shorts

Here are four different Females showing off those sexy legs with tasteful shorts! Snow, Camo, Solidier & Urban. They look real good, go gi...


Female Punk

Fragger found one of his old skins and decided to send it in, Download and enjoy :)


Female Ninja Female

Another ninja skin, this one is a female ninja.


Female Female LAPD Cop

Its been a long time since we had some skins from Fragger, well here is a new one. This skin changes the look of your Female player skin, t...


Female Fraggers Widow Maker 07

The latest version of Fraggers Widow Maker skin. Some parts of this skin shine a little but not to much.


Female Carminda Skin Pack *SOFII*

Greetings Soldier of Fortune II players! I'm going to be releasing dozens of skins I've made for the game. I've had SOF2 si...


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