Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Flags German Soccer Flags

For all of you German Soccer fans, here is a Bayern München and an 1860 München Soccer Club flag skin pack!


Flags Alice Flag

This Flag skin changes the look of the CTF default flag skin, this has been made by Da'Morpheus and has a ALice in Wonderland theme.


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Flags CTF Sniper Flags

Tired of looking at the old CTF Flags? Especially the snipers guarding the flags. Well here are some new CTF flags with two sniper rifles cr...


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Flags CTF Flag Babes Skin

CTF flag skins, 2 beautiful women, ReadMe and picture included.Now you have another reason to pick up the flag.Blue flag is slightly differe...


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Flags BK Flags

Heres a nice set of CTF Flags made by Kerlesh for his clan. very nice i might add


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Flags ScareCrow Flag Skins

DKA[-SkA|2EC|2oW i may find myself having problems capping the flag, (may want to keep it all to


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Flags Smiley Flags

Bored with the old Flags, why not give these a try. Put a smile on my face :)


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Flags SilverFern's flag skin

Here is a nice skin for the flags. Nice work


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Flags Flag Skins

A new flag skin with skulls, how nice :)


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Flags Gods Forsaken [NNF] CTF Flags

Heres some really nice CTF flags by Nollie with our own member Nastygirls forum picture on them. These are some really nice flags,...


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Flags KK-Flags

Heres A nice set of Flags by E.Turan I believe for the KK clan. Nice looking flags. :)


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Flags MM Clan Flags

Heres some nicely done flag skins by MM SeNe for the MM Clan. Nice work!


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Flags Arsenal Flags

Here are some flags with the symbol of the UK soccer club Arsenal. Well i'm seeing a lot of flag skins coming over this way with other soc...


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Flags Robert Girmscheid

A good flag skin that changes the flag view a little . . .


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Flags Flag Pack

New skins for the flags. Now a lot different apart from the colour. If your bored with your ones, try these :)


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Flags CP Flags

Flag skins with CP with a logo on them.


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Flags Ace Of Spades

New CTF flags with the "Ace Of Spades" card along the bottom of each flag.


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Flags OutKast Flag Skins

CTF Flagskins created for the OutKast Clan.


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Flags _{KMA}_Flags

these are some kick-ass flags y'all ;) try them.


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Flags TNG Clan Flags

A set of Red and Blue flags for SoF2 Capture the Flag. These were made by TNG clan.


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Flags Dragon Flags

Some sweet flag skins i like the red one best Go on download it you know you wanna


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Flags Metal Heads Flags

WOOT Iron Maiden on a flag. This might get a little confusing ingame as to which is your flag but if you are not sure look on your radar.


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Flags MC Clan Flags

CTF Flag skins created by the MC clan.


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Flags Party Flags

Very cool flags, with nice style with good textures, this rocks :D


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