Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Flags DS Flags

This skin changes the look of the MP CTF flag skins, and heve been made for the Clan DogSoldiers, although made for a clan these could be us...


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Flags Transformer Flags

this is another Flag mod by ME! _==_ Pr3daking This one is based on my Fav cartoon from the 80's TRANSFORMERS....


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Flags [Gs] Flag Skins

New CTF flags with the " - OUTLAWS" picture and name on each flag.


Flags SOFPL.COM Flag Skins

These skins replace the default flag skins, Gunner made these for the SOFPL.COM - fansite Nice job..


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Flags Soffiles Flag Set

This changes the look of the flags in CTF, go give um a try and support the best SOF site ;)


Flags Eagle Head Flags

This flag set changes the look of the default MP CTF flags, nicely made flag skins, each flag has the picture of an Eagle on it, go give the...


Flags "You Suck" Flags

This skin changes the look of your MP default CTF flag skins, nicely made too, dont let the name put you off, go give them a test run :)


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Flags TBC ctf flags

Set of flags from TBC clan


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Flags Shakira Flags

A New skin for the CTF flags. You now have a picture of Shakira on them ;) It is not a bad attempt at trying to change the gameplay a ittle...


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Flags US Confederate Flagpack

This flag pack changes the look of the MP CTF flags to Blue Flag: Confederate Flag; Red Flag: American Flag, nicely done flags, fancy a chan...


Flags Knife & Sniper Flags

Here we have a pair of flags red has crossed knifes on it, blue has crossed sniper guns on it. Not bad for a first go. Give it a try see wha...


Flags The Simpsons go to the military

These are some cool, comical simpsons flags. These are his first, so give him a chance dudes ;)


Flags Harmonic Flags

This pack changes the default look of your multiplayer flag skins, nicely done flags with a picture of skull on them. Bored of your old f...


Flags Skull CTF Flags

Check out these skulled CTF flags :D They add a nice touch don't you think :D


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Flags Snails CTF Flags

This changes the look of the flags in CTF, nice touch of gold, give them a test see what you think :)


Flags Bush/Saddam Flags

This is a flag skin made by Gimpy. SoF 2 does not support NEITHER side of the conflict. No Flaming will be tolerated towards an...


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This is quite a nice flag skin from Brandon Lee. Quite good for a first attempt I would say :)


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Flags US Marine/Navy Ctf Flags

This changes the default look of the Flags in CTF game mode, if your bored of the default flags and wish for a bit of variety give these a t...


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Flags Vampire Babe Flags

This skin changes the look of your default, and rather boring standard CTF flags, the pictures are the same, however they are slightly diffe...


Flags Bilbo Baggins Flags

These are nicely made flag skins, bored of your old ones? Then go give these a try ;) Hey this is a flag skin i made becuase is was...


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Flags Pink Floyd Flag

Another flag skin from Da'Morpheus this one depicts the album cover from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon. Nicely done go give it a try...


Flags 007 FLags

Some more flag skins from Da'Morpheus hasn't he been busy, this time these flag skins still have the red or blue color depending on the fl...


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Flags Untouch's Flags

This skin changes the default flag skins to a skin with an American and Rebel flag. Nicely made flag set go give them a test :)


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Flags Cat in the Hat and Curious George Flag Skins

These flag skins has Curious George and the Cat in the Hat on them, lol. So if you feel like grabbing Cat in the Hat or Curious George in a...


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