Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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Flash Pepsi Skin for Smoke grenade

A nice change to the normal skin, this replaces the look of the Smoke grenade.


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Flash Gr!mm's F0$F0R

This is a skin made by request. Someone on dusty death once asked me to do a weed skin for one of the weapons, so here it is finally ;) I h...


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Flash Non Smoking Logo M15 Skin

Another one from ThunderFalcon this is a M15 with a non-smokers logo on it, simple but nice.


Flash Flasbanging Noob Nade

This skin changes the look of your Flash grenade, nice skin give it a try;)


Flash Caffreys Flash nade

Another skin from BEER KamiKarzi's author Burp, this skin changes the look of your flash nade to a can of Caffreys beer, enjoy..last orders...


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Flash M84 War

Continuing with the weapon skins, here we have a new skin for the flash nade, nice.. give it a go :)


Flash Flash Nade

This skin will change the look of your Flash Grenade, go take a look and see what you think.


Flash Dino's M84 Flash Grenade

An awsome new skin for the M84 (Flash Grenade) by Dino, Check it out already