Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

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All Files In Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Frag
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Frag Grimm's Groove-a-Frag

I made this for fun, while testing my new Photoshop plugin & this is how it turned out, so i thought, why not post it ;) Hope y'all like i...


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Frag n4sty's Frag Nade

A very nice skin from N4sty for the frag nade...instead of throwing a lead nade at your enemy you throw a snooker ball at him instead, prett...


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Frag Grimms Frag

This is another skin from Grimm. This is a frag grenade thats orange with black spots. Nice :)


Frag Special Units F1

I asked him to work on some nades & here it is ;) His very first F1 nade. He kept it nice & simple black with a chrome lookin' handle & pin...


Frag Tennis Bomb

This one really completes the HL tennis map remake, so give it a shot fraggers around the world ;)


Frag GameServers Smohg92

A nice skin made for the smohg92 frag Grenade Made for the Gameservers.Net Outlaws clan ().


Frag Tha Master Smohg Skin

This is a simple skin made by Tha Master, it replaces the look of the frag grenade.


Frag Dev Boy Smohg V1.0

This is a single player grenade turned into a mulitiplayer one, Tweaked and to master perfection for complete nading relief. Well thats what...


Frag Mr Unhappy Frag Nade

A light hearted skin for the frag nade, its got an unhappy face on it, guess you throw it then !!! ;)


Frag Mr. Happy Frag Nade

This skin for your frag nade, has a pic of Mr. Happy on it :) Well its different wipe that smile off your enemy's face.. Enjoy


Frag Mother Earth-Skin

-By request i made this Basic Bomb that has a textured blue to it with green land and brown mountains (making it an EARTH)....


Frag Alternate shockwave

this file changes the look of the shock wave explosion from a grenade. The original colour is white, u can change them to blue, yellow, red,...


Frag US Camo Smohg

This is a nade looking like moss, in the US camo well, guess its nicely done but that is up to you, so test it & comment ;)


Frag Baseball Frag Grenade

Now this grenade makes you feel like you playing baseball except , you WANT to bean you opponent with the ball :)


Frag Wooden Frag Nade

This is a .... wooden frag nade ? ya don't say ! mmhh ... LOL try this, cuz the detail is amazing & it is fun to play with. Good job dude,...


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Frag Wafflenades

This changes the look of your default frag grenades to.. well waffels.;)This skin will bring a whole new dimention to food fighting. Play...


Frag Holy Hand Grenade

This skin changes the look of your frag grenade, comes complete with new sound, the author says he had the idea from Monty Pythons Holy Grai...


Frag Coca-Cola Frag Nade

This Skin changes the look of your default frag nade skin, so now you have Cola nade to go with your pepsi fire nade well worth giving it a...


Frag Death Nade

This skin changes the look of your Frag grenade, bored of your default skin? then give this a test :)


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Frag Smohg of Doom

This changes the look of your default Frag nade, nicely made skin, go give it a test :)


Frag Balls Frag Nade

This is another skin made by Gods Messiah. If you like nade skins then this is a must have.


Frag Balls Frag Nade

This is a very unusual nade skin. If you are an unusual person or just want loads of fun then this file is for you :D


Frag Dave's BeachBall Nade!

This is a kool and funny frag nade skin, it makes your frag grenade look like a minature beach ball in game, pretty funny :)


Frag 12a2 Frag Nade

This skin changes the default smohg skin with a l2a2 from single player game mode. Go give it a try and see what you think?